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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Canciones de Navidad

Christmas music from Spain to South America in the Renaissance and early Baroque

Villancicos, motets, and "ensaladas" (literally a musical "salad" of pieces, languages and forms). Composers like Tomás Luis de Victoria, Francisco Guerrero, José Cascante (Bogotá), and Gaspar Fernandes (from Portugal, worked/lived in Guatemala and Mexico). 


Joel Frederiksen - bass, lute, artistic direction

Axelle Bernage - soprano

Petra Noskaiová - mezzosoprano

Timothy Leigh Evans - tenor

Sven Schwannberger - flute, vihuela

Reinhild Waldek - spanish harp

Domen Marincic - viola da gamba

Bruno Caillat - percussion