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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Between Mars and Venus VII: 2013/2014

We are happy to announce our new Serie: four great programs, new artists and concert venues!



1) Aus der Tiefe - The Bass in German Baroque        with Michael Schopper

Sunday, 29. September 2013
11:00 am: Introduction
12:00 noon: CONCERT
Mars-Venus-Saal / Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Musicians: Joel Frederiksen (bass,Archilute), Michael Schopper (bass), Kumiko Yamauchi (violin), Valentina Cieslar (violin), Axel Wolf (theorbo), Michael Wersin (organ), Domen Marin?i? (viola da gamba).


2) Christmas in the New World - Early and new melodies from Northamerica

Saturday, 14. December 2013, at 8:00 pm
St. Johannes Kirche (Preysingplatz 1, 81667 München)

Sunday, 15. December 2013
10:30 am: a guided tour in the collection of Christmas Nativity scenes in the Bavarian National Museum
12:00 noon: CONCERT
Mars-Venus-Saal / Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Musicians: Theresa Dloughy (sopran), Timothy Leigh Evans (tenor), Kamila Mazalová (alto), Joel Frederiksen (bass, guitar), Marion Treupel-Franck (flute), Karen Walthinsen (violin), Michal Gondko (guitar), Domen Marin?i? (viola da gamba).

Extra concert on Friday, 13. December at 7:30 pm in Augsburg.


3) Si d’amor... Songs of the Spanish Renaissance

Thursday, 20. February 2014
7:00 pm: Introduction
8:00 pm: CONCERT
Mars-Venus-Saal / Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Musicians: José Hernández Pastor (countertenor), Joel Frederiksen (bass, vihuela, lute), Ariel Abramovich (vihuela), Sven Schwannberger (tenor, flute, vihuela, lute).

Concert supported by the Instituto Cervantes Munich


4) Selva morale e spirituale - Sacred Music by Claudio Monteverdi

Sunday, 18. May 2014, at 3:00 pm
Herz Jesu Kirche (Romanstraße 6, 80639 München)

Musicians: Sabine Lutzenberger (sopran), Kamila Mazalová (alto), Bernd Oliver Fröhlich (tenor), Giovanni Cantarini (tenor), Joel Frederiksen (bass), Kumiko Yamauchi (violin), Johannes Heim (violin), Sven Schwannberger (theorbo), Michael Eberth (organ).


For the information about the preceding concerts, please, see the brochure.